Sunday, July 31, 2011

Season 6, ep. 12: False Postive

Okay, well in an effort to finish these recaps more quickly I'm going to be doing at least two a day from now on.
Alright, so this episode will be on CBS on Monday August 8th. I like to check the CBS schedule every week just to see. Anyway, this episode was really cute, in my opinion. And, hey! Sam Gibbs is back! haha. Well, i thought this was a pretty strong episode. I can't really find any super weak moments so I was very pleased.
Lets start with Robin. Well, I would have loved to see her as a coin flip bimbo, but oh well. Maybe she'll still bring us some laughs as an associate researcher. And, wow, she sure has a lot of new years resolutions...I don't really have a lot to say about her since her part in the episode was really insignificant, but I'm glad we're going to see her a new light. Though, I'm going to miss her job on "Come on, Get Up New York" a lot.

Okay, lets go to Barney now. Even though his part in the episode wasn't really important, it was really entertaining. I really liked the "barneys favorite things" moment, and the end was really sweet.
Now, of course, Marshall and Lily, who were obviously the most important part of the episode. The baby thing is really bringing some interesting things to the show. I'm not sure how i feel about them holding off on it, but I'm sure they know what they're doing. But I have noticed that on both HIMYM and "friends" they had trouble conceiving. Maybe its just a sitcom thing. Anyway, I'm really exited to see them have a baby, AND I'm interested in seeing what preganant Lily will bring. We kind of saw a sneak peek in "The Mermaid Theory" so, I guess it'l be intersting.
Thoughts on "False Positive?"

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