Saturday, July 30, 2011

Season 6, ep. 11: The Meramid Theory

Okay, I've got 2 back to back recaps going on, sorry. But I really am trying to get this done.
So, I have to say I LOVED this episode. It was funny, interesting, and really gave us some interesting clues.
I'm going to start with Ted and The Captain. First of all, the blown up picture of the Captain that Marshall had really cracked me up. I guess that explains the picture I chose for this episode. But really, just that but might have put this episode on my favorites list.(I don't really have a list. But, ya know, mental list.). Anyway, I'm wondering if Ted is a little too paranoid. Homestly, The Captain has been one of my favorite characters through season 6.

Now on to Robin and Marshall. Man, its weird to put those names together. Haha. Anyway, I thought this part was flawed in the sense that we've seen plenty on Robin/Marshall episodes. Like, "Three Days of Snow" from season 4. Anyway, they were funny and were really what introduced the mermaid theory. Although, I can honestly say, even as a girl,  alcohol may speed up the process of mermaid(man?)ification just a bit.
And now, Lily and Barney. Being the two most popular characters on the show (i have a tally!), this was really interesting. AND it seriously went back to making me mad over the "Last cigarette Ever" episode. Because I wasn't even surprised! One of the MANY flaws of season 5! I really wish they would have waited to tell us Marshall and Lily would in fact have a baby. Damn them! Sorry, I'm rambling. Anyway how about Ted in the green dress. That should be an interesting story.
Anyway, thoughts on "The Mermaid Theory?"

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