Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Season 6 episode 4: Subway Wars

Subway wars, huh? good episode, very amusing. New Yorkers, do you actually see Maury Povich all the time? Well, i thought everyone did in fact need a win. Even Barney. Whats wrong with a good week getting better, right? And come on, Ted. So one person thinks you're boring....and me. I'm kidding, but anyway, what were your thoughts on "Subway Wars?"
Robin and Barney. That was one of the sweetest and most funny things I've seen on HIMYM. I loved the way Barney knocked over Ted so Robin could sweet. I do try to be objective despite my pro Robin-Barney status but come on. They're just so cute together. Oh, and Barney on the peddycab was really funny. Such a Barney thing to do. And, Robin, Don isn't worth crying over!
And did anyone else notice Maury Povich waltzing around with the fluffy puppy? I probably wouldn't have but I watched the behind the scenes for the episode.

Marshall and Lily are so cute. I'm really exited for them to have a baby :)
Finally, Ted. Most of the time he's really seeming irrelevant in his own story. And this episode didn't seem to help. I mean, its been a long time since we've actually seen Ted heading anywhere towards the Mother, which is supposed to be the focus of the show.
And what'd you think of Robin and Max? Do you think that'll go anywhere?
Anyway, thoughts on "Subway Wars?"

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