Monday, July 18, 2011

Season 6, ep. 3: Unfinished

So, unfinished. I have to admit, right now thats the one word i'd use to describe HIMYM. I saw this episode late, after I'd seen a bunch of other ones, so I'm not sure how I'd feel watching it when it premiered.
Well, Ted is finally gonna get his building built. Thats good. It's been a while since his career has actually gone anywhere. I thought it was funny how well Barneys moves worked on Ted. They'd probably work on me, too. What did you think? Anyway, I think we all knew Ted would eventually get to fulfill his lifelong dream, as they spent so much of the show talking about it. It really would be a disappointment if he never got to design a building in Manhattan. And what better company that Goliath National Bank, right? Speaking of which, I'm definitely going to get a GNB t-shirt one of these days :).
LOVED Marshall's death star comments. ("GNB is the Empire, from Star Wars, but the Death Star's gonna get built either way. and don't you think the architect of the Death Star is pretty psyched to have that thing on this space resume?"). And I don't you think it was the contractors fault  the Death Star exploded?
I'm glad Ted finally took that job. his "simple, happy, little life" was getting kind of tired. we needed to see him go more places, and I'm excited that Barney, Ted, and Marshall are all "broworkers" again.

the "hit by a bus" thing really brought me back to season 3 ("Miracles"). And it was really well thought out, the way Ted looked down at the little thing Barney gave him and said "unfinished." and, ya know, Ted deserves to have his building finished.
Anyway, i think it was a good episode. Not the best, but definitely top 70 or 80, maybe even 60. So what did you think of "Unfinished?"

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