Sunday, July 17, 2011

Season 6 ep. 2, Cleaning House

Honestly...I didn't like this episode very much. While Wayne Brady is great and everything, i really didn't see this episode as a great one. I thought it was funny that Lily was so against Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc, and the thing with Robin overselling Ted (which, lets face it, is easy to do) was amusing, This episode, to me, wasn't great by a long shot. Though I have to admit, Barney running through the grass yelling "watch me run, dad!!!" did make me laugh for a good two minutes.
Beyond that, i felt the episode really wasn't good. The thing with Barney thinking he was black and saying Sam Gibbs was his dad...I thought it was awkward.

 Ted and Robin, huh. although I know she isn't the mother (and would much rather see her with Barney), they are pretty swell together. And they definitely had a lot of chemistry in this episode, despite the fact that she was setting him up with another girl. some of the jokes were funny, too ("why don't I just go to the Chevy website and copy down adjectives"-Robin).
The "my dad's name is Loretta" thing was completely awkward, in my opinion. But, I guess it was sort of funny. and although when i saw this i was totally pissed that Barney wasn't dying to know who his dad was, now I'm glad they held off on Jerome entering the story. all in all, weak episode, but i don't think it was the very worst. so what were your thoughts on "Cleaning House?"                        

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