Friday, July 15, 2011

Season 6 ep. 1: Big Days

OKAY! so i've decided to recap season six! the first episode, Big Days, was pretty good, i think. I'm glad they're letting us know big things about the mother without making the show move too fast (or too slow.)
I didn't start watching season six until the episode "Natural History," so I saw this a little late. i still thought, good episode, and i wasn't really shocked about the wedding, but it sis leave me saying "well whos is it??"
My first thought, like everyone else, was that it was Punchys wedding, but i ended up thinking that was too obvious. Honestly, I thought it was Barney and/or Robin's.

There were a ton of thoeries about that wedding...what was yours? since (if you saw the premire at the right time) you didn't know about Punchy wanting Ted to be his best man and all that, (Glitter, or crap! was the "Sandcastles in the Sand?" raincheck on that). did you think it was Robin? at first thats where I was leaning, too. But all along I did have this feeling it would be Barney, even though we hadn't seen Nora (hiss!) yet.
So what did you think? Did you like the premiere? I know season 5 was a real disappointment, so your expectations must not have been very high, so what did you think? Did you think season 6 has blown the other seasons out of the water, or did you see it as more of a season 4? Good, but not great?
Remember, theres always another side to that wedding (well, duh) so who did you originally think the wedding pair was. Me? i thought (and still think) it's Robin and Barney.
what about you?

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