Thursday, July 28, 2011

Season 6, ep. 9: Glitter

Okay! this is going to be a lot easier to recap since they showed this on monday so here goes...
Well, lets just start by saying: Wooohoooo! more robin sparkles! Though I have to admit, this was nothing compared to sandcastles in the sand or lets go to the mall. Now, was I the only one who laughed SO hard about the whole beaver thing. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. AND the lyrics to "Lets go to the Mall" ("c'mon Jessica!") make a lot more sense now.

I'm super exited to see Marshall and Lily have a baby. And I'm happy Robin has come to terms with it. It was really interesting to hear that she'd had a friend with a baby before. for the REAL kicker. I think a major clue was dropped in this episode (or so we thought...). Punchys wedding? A wedding? Wait! The premiere had a wedding in it! Ted was the best man...Oh my God! So, have we finally seen where Ted meets the mysterious mother? I don't know...But i do think that the creators are really into setting us up. Like, they'll throw one theory in our face and then at the last minute they'll be like psyche! So I'm pretty curious...
Thoughts on "Glitter"?

Okay guys, taking a break from the past and coming back to the present, I'm going to throw a spoiler out there. It has been confirmed that the premiere of season 7 takes place at Punchys wedding. Just thought I'd put that out there. 

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