Monday, July 25, 2011

Season 6, ep. 6: Baby Talk

Hilarious, couldn't quit laughing. wow. i really enjoyed this episode. Though, I'm honestly thinking it wasn't a good idea to tell us the baby was going to be a boy in "Last Cigarette Ever" I wish there'd been more suspense about it.
So, yeah, i guess Marshall's getting his wish since the baby is going to be a boy, as far as we know. I mean, if the baby was a girl that would kind of make Marshall a jackass. Quitting for his son, but not his daughter?
I really am exited to see how that turns out. Oh! and the return of Claudia and Stuart! I was wondering if we'd ever see them again. I know that we saw Stuart in season 3 "Intervention". And was it just me, of was that girl not Claudia?

Loved the bit with Ted and Becky, very funny. I feel bad for Robin, getting even LESS recognized for her show. What really exited me was the dialogue between Barney and Robin. I really, really hope they are the wedding couple. I mean, Ted does need someone who makes him feel needed and that person isn't Robin.
Anyway, I really liked this episode. It was funny, yet really went back to some key points in the show.
So what did you think of "Baby Talk"? 

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