Monday, May 13, 2013

Season 8, Episode 24: "Something New"

"One ticket to Farhampton, please"

Wow. That was great. I actually had to watch the episode late on putlocker due to a callback audition, but that made it almost better since I was able to rewind it about four hundred times at the end so that I could see the face of that girl more clearly. 
Now, I may be missing something, but I have absolutely no idea who she is. Do any of you recognize her from anywhere? 

I think we all had a feeling that Marshall and Lily wouldn't actually go through with moving to Rome. I mean, these writers love to pull our strings with that sort of thing. I liked how they did it though. It was realistic and sensible, and it fit well with the episode. And who knows? Maybe I'm wrong and they will move to Rome and Marshall won't become a judge. 

The deepest part of the finale was definitely Ted. And I think that the reason we were given some more Ted and Robin crap at this point is to slightly please the hopefuls before shutting it down completely. Clearly, Ted will not be moving to Chicago (that was honestly a really dumb thing to throw in, sorry), and he'll be keeping his house all because of this girl. 

Robin and Barney were really just cute. It was very lighthearted and sweet, even though it was easy to feel the tension at the end. And could someone confirm whether or not that woman who stole their table was Penny from "Happy Endings"? I think it was, but I'm not sure. . .Either way, really nice segment. I know it was comedic relief, but it was the kind that I like so I'll let it slide. 

-I'm going to address it right away: the girl at the end. She honestly didn't look like anything too special to me, but I guess we don't really know anything yet. She seemed kind of short, I'd always pictured the mother as much taller than this woman was. It was funny, the first thing my sister said when it ended was: "That's not the mom! That girl is just carrying her stuff!" 
-It was so sweet that Ted wanted to give Robin that locket still. 
-Callback to Season 4 with Stella and all that jazz. 
-Callback to Marshall's giant family and his brother making stupid puns used to provoke violence. 
-Barney and Robin practicing their wedding dance. 

This was one of the biggest cliffhanger finales ever, I think. Lots of unanswered questions, so many things that are completely unresolved. Wow. It's going to be a loooooong summer. 
Great finale though! I really liked it! Thanks so much for reading, see ya'll next fall! :)


Anonymous said...

Ted will end up marrying Robin. The kids are probably adopted/not his. i.e he is Uncle Ted.

Anonymous said...

No, Robin can't be the children's mother since, in the first episode, Ted says: "And that is how I met your aunt Robin". Sorry.

Anonymous said...

the mother has to have blue/green eyes ....

Anonymous said...

at first i didnt like her but now i love her she is perfect and so cute theres only two problems with her
1. that shes too young shes like 25
2. she seems a like too nice like all the others would pick fun of each other but i cant see her doing that

also i heard somewhere that she is going to buy the house and thats whhy shes at the station i love this idea its sooo cute