Monday, November 5, 2012

Season 8, Episode 5: The Autumn of Break Ups

"I really hope you get her someday"-Victoria
Thank the Gods! HIMYM is back!! The last two weeks have been painful without it! I'm so incredibly happy to have the show back, I probably would have accepted anything, so this episode was definitely up to my standards.
The fact that the writers keep pushing this Ted and Robin thing is annoying though. I understand they have history, and that there is always going to be something there, but like Ted said, it's history now. I just wish we could leave it alone because I'm sick of it being a roadblock in the storyline.
Nick is the most pathetically hilarious character on the show with his stupid cooking show and corn-powered motercycle. Seriously. I love how stupid that man is. However, he is clearly all wrong for Robin and I am ready for their relationship to be over.
The dog was...interesting. The poor animal, though I am pretty sure Barney is a better dog owner than me. And absolutely a good wingman, as always. It presented some decent comic relief from a pretty heavy episode.
Barney and Robin are probably the two stupidest humans on earth. I am sick of them denying that they love each other, and honestly, there is really not even a real reason they are not together right now. And yes, I am saying that Nick is not a real reason. I am just so ready for them to get back together.
And, Ted. Oh Gods, Ted. Ted is also completely stupid. Not because he broke it off with Victoria. Honestly, that was one of his better decisions. He is an idiot because he should have thought about this before he became responsible for the destruction of a wedding (sort of)! Ted has made me sad here. I am disappointed in him.
I hate that they killed Victoria's character. She was so much better written in season one. Either way, I am going to miss her.
Lily and Marshall are still adorable, and they were very funny and sweet here. Marshall as a sassy black lady might just be the best things that ever happened to the show, and Lily as his mentor was funny. Always good comic relief from those two, and it was fairly nice here, for being such a B plot.
-"Excuse me, but when did Marshall become a feminine you?"
-Robin looked very awesome in this episode! She was rockin that dress!
-C'mon, Denver isn't all bad! It's nice here! Would not recommened it for baking though. Trust me on that.
-The Mosby Boys! And Squrrielock Holmes!
-the LAMAs
-Nick's Chef Show
-Nick's terrible catch phrases "Who wants to eat my meat!?" "Bon Appesweet!"
-That poor dog.
-Marshall trying to be Oprah. "Clifford sounds like a keeper!"
Okay. Those are all my thoughts. Leave your comments and I will see ya'll next Monday!

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