Monday, April 9, 2012

Season 7, Episode 20: "Trilogy Time"

"I wonder if things will be different when we watch the trilogy in 2018"-Marshall
Wow. Just wow. I mean, I'd heard some great things about this episode on tumblr before it aired It's episodes like this that remind me why I love HIMYM. It's got the perfect balance of that heartwarming awesomeness, and that wonderful humor that's just really hard to come by on any TV nowadays. This episode really proved that to me, and it made me come back to the realization that HIMYM really is the best show out there. So, with that in mind, lets get to it.

So, I'll start with Marshall and Lily. I feel like at times it's easy for us to think they are as perfect as they appear. But in the flashbacks, we were forced to remember when Lily left, and when they were as big a mess as Ted, Robin, and Barney. But the thing about them is, if anyone's future is set and stone it's theirs. We know how it all turns out with them (for the most part). Marshall gets his dream job, Lily continues to teach kindergarten. They have kids and live happily ever after. It's something they should feel lucky to have found.
Next up, Robin. She wasn't all that important in this episode. She was mostly just there for Ted and Barney. It's funny, though, that even when he was in college Ted was sure he'd end up with her...or some version of her. But what he didn't see was that if he wound up with her, the story was already written, as we saw in season 2's "Brunch."
Barney is in a weird place right now. He's got a great girl in Quinn, but as we can see, he's shying away from her, despite the fact that he smashed his mugs for her. As Lily pointed out, he knows it isn't going to last. And we've seen that Lily's pretty good with that kind of stuff. She knows Robin isn't the girl for Ted...and she knows Robin IS the girl for Barney ("you and Barney have the kind of chemistry that just doesn't go away"). She seems to be the best at predicting their lives, and she's predicting that Quinn's not the one for Barney.
Finally, Ted. I've never been a huge fan of Ted, but he really is a sweetheart. He's always trying so hard to find the girl of his dreams, and at this point he's given up. The funny thing is, the show is kind of saying that when you give up fate finds you, which at first glance seems like a pretty horrible message, but I get it. If you lose your phone, when are you going to find it? Oh right, when you stop looking. Ted lost that phone 7 years ago, and now he's decided to stop looking and let destiny run it's course.

-Marshall: "Satisfaction?" Ted: "How cross buns"
-Barney-Robin moment!
-That douchy guy with the mustache and trucker hat
-All the flash forwards.
-Mustache Marshall!
-Back boobs...that's got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

"Now We're Even!" By Chuck Tatham
Barney tries to lure Ted into going out every night, even as Ted tries getting used to living in his new apartment alone. Lily has a naughty dream, and it's not about Marshall. Robin finally starts her stint as a news anchor at World Wide News.

Oh! And also there's a cool new HIMYM blog you all should follow, courtesy of AndrewsMind:


AndrewsMind said...

Thanks for the link Sam. I'll read the review as soon as I see the ep :)

AndrewsMind said...

I didn't really enjoy this episode. I thought that it wasn't very funny. It was mostly a filler episode, but it did show that as much as they love each other, Barney & Quinn just don't work...

Eliza said...

This episode was one of the best watched over and over and over again! Can't wait for next week. And I officially like Quinn now!