Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Season 7, Episode 22: Good Crazy

Hi guys! Sam's not here today, but instead has asked me to replace her. My name is Andrew & I am the owner of www.classicHIMYM.blogspot.com. Sorry this review took so long, but I'm in Australia so I couldn't watch the episode until about a day later. Also Google didn't trust that I wasn't a hacker.

I thought tonight's episode was really funny. It was mainly a filler, but it was a really good one. When I saw it was written by CT&CB I knew we were in for a treat, although CT&CB normally don't do fillers very well (The Burning Beekeeper for instance).

I loved how it brought up Beercules again (from The Naked Truth) & the ducky tie again (from, ironically, The Ducky Tie) I love how the writers intertwine all the storylines.

What Was Good

  • The rereturn with Beercules! Finally we get to see the flashforward from The Naked Truth.
  • Robin and Ted going to Marshall & Lily's baby shower early and late to avoid each other.
  • Barney's rant at Grandma Lois.
  • Condolence high fives.
  • Everyone turning into Robin in Ted's mind.
  • Barney after Ted tries online dating.
  • Marshall using a watermelon as a fake baby.
  • Barney's letter to Quinn (Have sex up against the window and make up?)
  • The stripper cage conversation.
  • The ducky tie!!
  • Marshall needing subtitles when he speaks.
  • Lily is finally having the baby!

What Was Bad

  • The episode ended abruptly and on a cliffhanger & we have to wait two weeks for me

Best Lines/Moments

  • Ted: "She got you the red stroller? Looks like I just "blue" her out of the water!"
  • Lily: "You 2 keep fighting, just as long as all the expensive gifts keep coming."
  • Barney: "Everyone thinks stripping is verging on prostitution...or actual prostitution."
  • Barney: "Laying low as in sleeping with a really short chick? You guys doing 39?"
  • Ted: "Don't set me up with one of Quinn's stripper friends." Barney: "I won't." Ted: "C'mon! How many hints do I have to drop?"
  • Ted: "I will never, ever, ever...use online dating." Future Ted: "That night I tried online dating.
  • Barney: "I love the fact the you're a stripper...but I hate the fact that you're a stripper"
  • Ted: "So what's your name?" Robyn: "Robyn. With a Y." Ted: "Oh, Yobin."
  • Lily: "I need some peace and quiet and now that its out there spaghetti! Now help me off the couch so I can storm out!"
  • Barney: "Our Robin has 2 eyes my friend, but that's good. You're forgetting what she looks like - good job buddy."
  • Ted: "You never made lasagne! That was a botched koogle (how do you spell that?) that you poured cheese on!" Robin: "I didn't say it was good lasagne."
  • Robin: "Why are you doing this? Dating a girl with tattoos all over her arms...and body - does that dragon tattoo go all the way dow-ooh it does."
  • Worker: "Mr. Stinson? Does this mean that I can keep my job?" Barney: "Yeah, you can stay."
  • Ted: "I'm just having a good time. And thanking god I didn't grow that moustache."
  • Ted: "Wayne had no manners - Wayne manor - Bruce Wayne - batman - batman and..." Robin: "Hey Ted."
  • Third date: "And that's the story of my only lesbian experience."
  • Marshall: "There's gonna be this one guy saying all these baby facts and interrupting all the time thinking hes an expert...and you are gonna be sitting next to him so get ready for that."
  • Marshall: "Where are we?" Barney: "Atlantic City baby! Well in 14 miles..."
  • Marshall: "What did you do to the practice baby?!? And is there any left?"
  • Marshall: "When you aren't busy, could you bring over 100 shots of tequila please?" Barney: "I'll have the same."


  • I thought Ted moving out of the apartment was him moving on. Why is he still obsessed?"
Anyway, that's all from me. I thought this was a very funny episode. It was mainly a filler but it was a good filler that also moved on quite a bit of story. 8.5/10


AndrewsMind said...

Great review myself! Keep it going me! :D

robinsparkles14 said...
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robinsparkles14 said...

Thank you so much for filling in for me :) I loved your review. Really nice episode, but in my honest opinion, the end of this season really doesn't hold a candle to the end of last, with Barney's dad and all that, but I probably shouldn't say anything until the finale.
As far as Barney's bride goes...I'm going back to my BRo hopes. I swore I wouldn't, but I feel like HIMYM's signature thing is getting you hooked on an idea, and then totally bailing on it and doing something unexpected, like with Barney's wedding.
This whole Ted thing is also really convincing me it's Robin. That she's Barney's bride, I mean. Because it's really turning us in the other direction (as well as pissing us off), which leaves room for them to shock us.
Anyway, sorry for rambling. Can't wait for the finale!

AndrewsMind said...

You have the right to ramble, it is your site after all :) If you ever want to do a review on my website just say the word. Any specific eps you'd like to do for me?

IrvingMtz said...

Hey guys, I have to say that I love your reviews, I always check them out after seeing the latest episode, I sometimes feel like wanting to be part of a community like this or contributing to it, but you guys are unmatchable at what you do ;)
Anyway, keep it up, and let's hope that the series finale satisfies our highly esteemed expectations in the very least. ;D

AndrewsMind said...

well I actually wrote this review, so if you like it go to MY blog, www.classichimym.blogspot.com

Also, another question...why did Lily close the door of the car and put her bag in the back? Marshall was already asleep at that point.

AndrewsMind said...

Just noticed something amazing!!!

When Ted says to Barney how he can't get Robin out of his head, did you notice how barney replied with: "If anyone knows what that's like, it's me."

Does this mean he's always thinking about Robin?!? Maybe this proves that BRo is going to end up together after all! That combined with Quinn being mad at Barney's outrage of her stripping, maybe BRo is proven!

Irving Mtz said...

That is actually a good point AndrewsMind.
I have something to say about the ducky tie. I believe that Barney wears it when he is unconsciously uncomfortable with his current relationship; as in the ducky tie symbolizes his unhappiness from not being together with Robin and instead wasting his time with other girls (but in the end is all about the timing).
Also, i'm not sure if Robing will be the bride, but I am absolutely sure that Barney and Robin will end up together. [I am really hoping to be surprised with the whole wedding action, so that's why I'm not betting on Robin to be the bride for the sake of the show's twisted, dynamic plot]
Btw AndrewsMind, I've been following your blog as well for quite a while now ;) It's pretty good, keep it up! :D

AndrewsMind said...

Yeah, I like your theory about the ducky tie being Barney's rship dissatisfaction! That would also fit with his "What do you think of this tie" at his wedding. Tie = partner and he hates the ducky tie